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The Maple DNA

Operators for Operators

Getting help from operators is different. Deep familiarity with challenges from an operational perspective allows us to better identify which tools are needed for our teams. We're backed by a community of operators and we're operators ourselves. Whether it's product strategy sessions, screening candidates, analyzing team dynamics or connections to the industry - we strive to provide the right tools at the right time.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Maple is focused on enterprise infrastructure-related themes, so that we don't spread ourselves thin. We act as a force multiplier to our infrastructure-focused founders. Among these themes are:

1. Helping enterprises become more data proficient

2. Taking R&D operations to the next level

3. Achieving a more easily managed cyber stack

4. Introducing AI into new operational verticals

5. Creating new financial infrastructure layers

Tight Knit Community

Maple is surrounded by a community of operators (both as our LPs and partners) who share our shoulder-to-shoulder approach. They are there to assist with a wide range of challenges - from POCs and design partnerships to hands-on mentorship and product brainstorming sessions.

EQ on Top of IQ

High integrity, empathy, pursuing win-win situations and working with an egoless attitude - these are all qualities we look for in teams and try to incorporate ourselves. Every founding team is at the core of a large ecosystem and as such, has to have strong and scalable foundations. We believe the above qualities are key for creating meaningful companies in our day and age.

Transparency & Discretion

Trust is the fundamental piece of every collaboration out there. Since we work with founders right at the infancy of their journey, it is critical that founders feel that they can count on us for discretion and a transparent decision-making process. We do our best to provide both at every crossroad.

Maple is operated by Ben Tytonovich. For more info:

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